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The Emmys
PopTuna, in conjunction with KPIX (CBS), won its sixth Emmy in the 41st annual 2012 Northern California Area Emmy Awards on June 9th, 2012 at the Hilton in San Francisco. That's 11 Emmy wins for both BZ and Monica.

2012: Promotion-News Promo-Single Spot


Promotion-News Promo-Campaign "CBS 5: Stay Connected"

Promotion-Program-Campaign "KBCW Image 2010".

Promotion-Program-Campaign "KBCW Image 2009".

The first Emmy for 2009 was awarded for outstanding achievement for "Promotion- Program- Single Spot" in a piece called "Eye on the Bay". The gist of the spot is that there are two hosts of the show "Eye on the Bay" and they are very different personalities, and poptuna was brought in to do a spin-off of the music from "The Odd Couple". We chose to do a "dub" version of the theme to bring the piece into a more modern and fun space. Special thanks for our trumpet player Tom Poole and our trombonist Ed Earl for their help.

The second Emmy for 2009 was awarded for outstanding achievement for "Promotion- Program- Campaign" for our on-going work with the station's image. In this series, the station gets people to sing along with the music, usually making complete fools of themselves but always having a great time doing it. The response from this low brow but entertaining spot was very successful, so more and more spots were created. sounds silly, but it won the Emmy.


For this spot we were nominated twice- one for "Musical Composition/Arrangement" and one for "Promotion-News Promo-Single Spot".

In the the same category of "Promotion-News Promo-Single Spot", we were also nominated for a news promo theme. They use the music from this spot in the nightly news broadcast, and we liked it because we were able to use our orchestral chops in making this piece.



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